Patrick Crossing

Our story is very simple.  We have chosen to become followers of Jesus and model our journey based upon the life and example of Patrick of Ireland.  His love of people, music, storytelling, creativity and simplicity echoed clearly the life and example of Jesus of Nazareth.  Organized religion and structures can often obscure the person and work of Jesus and cause division.  We remain intentionally uncomplicated in how we live out our faith in order to demonstrate that Christianity –at its very essence – is about a relationship, not a religion.  Jesus simple invitation of, “Come follow me,” forms the heart of our passion and approach. Following Him in our daily lives fills us with purpose, joy, hope, provision and peace. Thanks for visiting our web site. Take this as your invitation to join us in the journey… Rath de ort! (The grace of God be with you)!

Get Ready for 2020!

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